by Tigress

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released June 12, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Mordion Gall



all rights reserved


Tigress Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Lost
I've got these fucking thoughts always clouding up my mind
They're telling me I should just give up and die
If I give in just once
I'll make it real quick
Drag myself to hell
Where I know I belong

Erase my Identity
And erase myself
Not fit for this earth
I'm still searching for a home
A sense of belonging
To consider my own
Still not fit for this earth
Carrying my burdens alone

I'm fucking lost
Track Name: T3
Damaged goods
Right from the start
Never let me believe I was worth something
Hatred fueled so easily
These bitter thoughts make my blood boil

Worthless scum
Soul sucker
Corrupted innocence all I have now
Easy prey for your sick games
Skin crawling at the thought of you

Sweaty palms
Shy smile
Sociopathic tendencies
You'll get what's yours
And I'll get mine
Better pray to god I never see you again
Track Name: 12
Abuse your authority
But don't take the fall
Abuse your own citizens
But it's never your fault
Victims of assault
Become the assailants
No reforms for issues
I'm fucking sick of it all

Hunt down and murdered
The numbers increasing
Corruption is your middle name
I'm fucking appalled
Your system has a body count
It's time for you to fix it
I see no end in sight
To your excessive force
Track Name: Suffer
You're a liar, a coward, a spineless fucking bastard
Your sense of entitlement will land you in the grave
You prowl these streets in search of blood preying on your fellow man
You're a waste of space
Each breath you take's a wast of fucking air

We're fed up, we're angry, and we know the enemy
There's no justice, no peace, no sense of accountability
Killing quietly, bystanders twisting the blade themselves
Rapists and apologists one in the fucking same

I hope you fucking suffer